About Evan

"I have worked with Evan for over ten years. He is smart, motivated, and compassionate. I know Evan will make an excellent Superior Court Judge. A judge that cares about the community and one that will be fair to everyone."

-Eric J. Richey
Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney

A Judge For All Of Us

Evan Jones will be a judge for the entire community.  He will be a judge who recognizes that each individual before the court has a unique story and deserves a fair hearing.  He understands where they come from, because he grew up alongside them.

Evan spent his childhood on Walnut Street in the Columbia Neighborhood.  He and his brothers bought snacks at Meridian Haggen, swam at Lake Padden, and rode mountain bikes at Galbraith.  Later, his family moved to Lynden where he now lives with his wife and children.

Evan graduated from Western Washington University and teaches Constitutional Law at Whatcom County Community College.  These local communities have formed and nurtured Evan, and they will be remembered every time he puts on the robe.


Experience Matters

Evan has the experience to make a difference on the Whatcom County Superior Court Bench.  Throughout his career he has worked successfully in every court in the county.  Evan started in the Bellingham City Attorney’s Office where he assisted with civil litigation and later criminal prosecution.  He then advanced to the County Court system, where he has worked in the District, Juvenile, and Superior Court systems.

Evan has also worked in private civil practice handling matters in involving Business Disputes, Estate Planning/Probate, and Environmental Litigation.

Evan is now the training deputy for the Whatcom County Prosecutor’s Office, and handles serious adult felony cases in court including murder, rape, burglaries, and assaults.  He works daily in Superior Court and actively brings cases to trial.  Evan will apply the lessons he learned practicing law in the community to better the Whatcom County Superior Court bench. 

Meaningful Support

Evan has broad community support which reflects his fairness, honestly, and ability to be a great judge for Whatcom County. Evan is endorsed by other judges throughout the community, including Whatcom County District Court Judges David Grant and Matthew Elich, Ferndale Municipal Court Judge Mark Kaiman, Lynden Municipal Court Judge Terry Lewis, and retired Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Steven Mura.

These folks know what it takes to be a judge and enthusiastically endorse Evan!   Evan is also supported by those that care about community safety.  His supporters include current Whatcom County Prosecutor Eric J. Richey, as well as retired Prosecutor Dave McEachran.  Evan also enjoys wide support throughout law enforcement, including Whatcom County Sheriff William Elfo.  He is likewise supported by victim advocates and defense attorneys.  This support he enjoys speaks to the judge he will be.  

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A Fair Shake

Evan believes that everyone in the courtroom deserves a fair shake.  As an active participant in the Whatcom County courts, he knows that a good judge is unbiased, careful, and has the ability to make a well-reasoned decision.  Evan will be this sort of judge.  He will listen to everyone with an open mind and a desire to reach a just outcome.  He is committed to applying the law equally to everyone in the courtroom.  Individuals will know that they have been heard and that their case has been decided according to the law.  Evan has the ability, the experience, and the desire to make well respected decisions from the bench. 

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Evan Jones for Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Dept. 2