"I am proud to be supported by the groups and individuals that I have worked with over the years in Whatcom County!"


-Evan Jones

In the Court

Judge Steven Mura

Whatcom County Superior Court


Before I retired, I had the pleasure to preside over several matters upon which Evan Jones appeared in my courtroom representing the State of Washington on criminal cases.  I found him to be an exceptionally bright and qualified attorney.  His ability to write a legal brief and to present oral arguments was second to none.  His knowledge of the law and the clarity of his arguments was superb.  I urge you to vote for Evan Jones for Superior Court Judge.

Judge David Grant

Whatcom County District Court

Judge Terry Lewis

Lynden Municipal Court

Judge Matt Elich

Whatcom County District Court

Judge Mark Kaiman

Ferndale Municipal Court

From the Legal Profession

Alan Chalfie

Senior Deputy Public Defender

Whatcom County Public Defender’s Office

Evan has the humility to understand that there are other points of view; that anyone who appears before him may have something valuable to tell him about the case.  That’s why I am supporting Evan Jones for Judge.

Kirsten Barron

Partner at Smith Barron Daugert PLLC

Bellingham, WA

Douglas Hyldahl

Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Offices of Douglas Hyldahl

Daniel McGreevy

Public Defender

Bellingham Assigned Counsel

Karen Frakes

Chief Civil Deputy

Whatcom County

Ziad Youssef

Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Offices of Ziad I. Youssef, PLLC

John Guardi

Lummi Nation Public Defender 

Eric Sigmar

Chief Criminal Deputy

Whatcom County

Jeffrey Lustick

Criminal Defense Attorney

Lustick Kaiman & Madrone, PLLC

Lisa Keeler

Civil Attorney

Former Candidate for Whatcom County Superior Court Judge, Dept. 2

For a Safer Community

Eric Richey

Whatcom County Prosecutor

I have worked with Evan for over ten years. He is smart, motivated, and compassionate.


Evan is one of the good guys!  Everyday, he seeks courtroom resolutions that truly appreciate the people behind the cases.  He wants to understand the "why" and help craft solutions that will make a difference.  Evan has been instrumental in giving life to new and good ideas for  local criminal justice reform.


I know Evan will make an excellent Superior Court Judge. A judge that cares about the community and one that will be fair to everyone.

Bill Elo

Whatcom County Sheriff

Bellingham Police Guild

Bellingham, WA

Melanie Campos

Lummi Nation Police Department

Steve Taylor

Lynden Police Department

Lynden Police Officers Guild

Lynden, WA

Dave McEachran

Former Whatcom County Prosecutor

Myra Peters

Ferndale Police Department

Blaine Police Officers Guild

Blaine, WA

Sheryl Cartwright

City of Bellingham Victim Advocate

Representing the People

Kathy Kershner

Whatcom County Council

Evan Jones knows Whatcom County.  He grew up here and has dedicated his life to serving the public good.


When voting for a Judge, character is one of the most important qualities I look for when making my choice.  Evan Jones will serve us with integrity, fairness, objectivity and compassion.


I endorse Evan Jones for Whatcom County Superior Court Judge, position 2.

Jack Louws

Former Whatcom County Executive

Barry Buchanan

Whatcom County Council

From the Community

Laura Clark

Executive Director

Whatcom Humane Society

Jo’van Johnson

 Community member

I have known Evan since he was young and growing up in Bellingham.  He is smart, kind, and compassionate. He is open-minded and a great listener.  He is a person that genuinely cares about the community and wants the best for all the people.

Forensic Nurses Team

Peacehealth St. Joseph’s Hospital Bellingham

Mary Kay Robinson

Real Estate Broker at Windermere

Jeff Johnson

Commercial Real Estate Broker Windermere

Lydia Bennett

CCIM, CPM, Broker CRE West Coast

Colin Lowin

Union Firefighter

Jeff McClure

Founding Principal RMC Architects, PUD Commissioner

Steve Brinn

Lawyer and community member

John Walton

Owner Walton Beverage

Bob Hall

Author & Developer at Daylight Properties

Jim Swift

Bellingham entrepreneur

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Evan Jones.

Evan Jones for Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Dept. 2